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Capital Campaign Coordinator and Committee Members

We are looking for someone with fundraising experience or enthusiasm for fundraising to lead the effort, along with a committee, to help us raise the funds for our proposed shelter building. The project will be approximately $80,000 if we go with a traditional wood building and $150,000 if we choose a metal/steel building. That decision should be made shortly before you get started.

Having this building would allow us to pull more at-risk animals from local shelters and help sick, injured, and at-risk animals in the community plus increase space and ability to help more dogs. We get dozens of cries for help daily that we have to turn away due to a lack of space and we look forward to being able to accommodate more pets in need.

If you are a current volunteer, please contact Amy Castro. If you are not currently a volunteer and you would like to lead or join our Capital Campaign Committee, please fill out a volunteer application here and we will contact you.

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