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We are a foster-based rescue which means the number of animals we can take in depends on many factors including available space in foster homes. However, we are committed to helping stray and abandoned animals in every way we can, as well as keeping beloved pets with their owners whenever possible. Please see the options below for ways in which we may be able to help you and your pet or an animal you found if we are unable to take the animal into foster. If none of the options below work you for, please try the other rescues, Facebook groups, and resources available here.

NOTE: The availability of the outreach services outlined below are dependent upon our outreach budget, overall expected veterinary costs, the location of the animal, vet appointment availability, and our outreach coordinator's bandwidth for handling new cases.

Medical Outreach

We provide medical assistance for stray animals who have immediate medical needs including severe injuries or illnesses who need to see a vet ASAP. These animals are fostered by the finder or another citizen (community foster) not previously associated with our rescue. Our rescue will provide assistance with the animal's immediate needs through our vet in Friendswood (transportation to and from the vet will not be provided by the rescue). The finder or community foster will need to seek out permanent rescue backing from another rescue to handle all other non-emergent veterinary services or adoption.

Owned Animal Outreach

We provide financial assistance to owners who are faced with surrendering their pets because they cannot afford medical care. We help owners cover the cost of major surgeries or extensive treatment for illnesses or injuries so they can keep their pet. We also provide spay/neuter and microchipping services for owned animals. For information about low-cost veterinary options and pet food pantries, please click here.

Plan-to-Adopt Outreach

For finders who plan to keep the stray they found, we provide basic adoption services to help offset costs. For an $85 adoption fee, we provide a fixed set of services through our vet in Friendswood: exam, 1 round of kitten/puppy vaccines, rabies vaccine, microchipping, spay/neuter. Additional services may be added on an as-needed basis.


TNR is widely considered the ideal way to manage feral cat colonies. We define the term "feral cat" as a cat who cannot be picked up or handled by strangers. These cats are not adoptable as indoor house pets, and are generally euthanized by animal control facilities or even shelters labeled as "no-kill;" however, studies have shown that euthanasia of feral cats does nothing to quell the cat overpopulation problem. In fact, euthanizing feral cats can even lead to cat colonies growing in size because the remaining cats breed more to replenish the colony. TNR is an excellent option for not only saving the lives of feral cats, but also reducing the feral cat population in your area. Need help with TNR? Let us know!

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