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Trimming the Fur


Please read the instructions for each form carefully to ensure your inquiry gets to the right person.

Found animals intake

We are a foster-based rescue which means the number of animals we can take in each year is dependent on the space available in foster homes, the number of animals who can be housed communally, and how quickly our animals are adopted.

If the animal you have found is not friendly enough to be handled by strangers, or you are dealing with a colony of community or feral cats, consider TNR as an option for managing the cat overpopulation problem in your area.

If you are located within the city limits of the following areas, please contact your local municipal animal shelter FIRST for any animals who are friendly enough to be handled by strangers. These organizations are either  no-kill (meaning they have a live release rate over 90%)  or we have worked closely with them and know that they are a safe place for stray and abandoned pets. For feral or very fearful cats or dogs, please continue on to the form below.

Alvin (city limits) - Alvin Animal Adoption Center (no-kill) (281) 388-4331
Clute - SPCA of Brazoria County (no-kill, nonprofit) (979) 285-2340
Freeport - SPCA of Brazoria County (no-kill, nonprofit) (979) 285-2340
Friendswood (Galveston County side) - Friendswood Animal Control (91% live release rate in 2020) (281) 996-3390

  • for the Harris County side of Friendswood, please contact Friendswood Animal Control to find out if you are within their jurisdiction or Harris County's

Harris County (unincorporated areas) - Harris County Pets (96.1% live release rate in 2022) (281) 999-3191
Lake Jackson - SPCA of Brazoria County (no-kill, nonprofit) (979) 285-2340
League City - League City Animal Shelter (no-kill) (281) 554-1377
Montgomery County - Montgomery County Animal Services (95.1% live release rate in 2022) (936) 442-7738
Pearland (city limits) - Pearland Animal Control (93.4% live release rate in 2022) (281)-652-1970

Found Animal Intake

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Owned Animal Outreach

Starlight Outreach and Rescue is committed to keeping as many pets out of shelters as possible. To do this, we help provide veterinary care for citizens who would otherwise have to surrender their pets due to costs associated with spay/neuter, illnesses, or injuries.

NOTE: this form is NOT for stray/found animals you have had in your possession for less than one week. Please go to "Found Animal Intake."

For feral cats or cat colonies, please see Managing a Cat Colony for help spaying/neutering community cats.

If you need help providing veterinary care for your pet, please fill out this form.

Owner Outreach

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Other Requests/Questions

Please fill out this form to get in touch with us regarding questions, requests, or concerns other than those listed here.

Contact Us

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