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We took in 3 major medical cases in September from Galveston County Animal Resource Center.

Queen (now loving referred to as Grandma) is 14 years old and was surrendered by her owners because she had an open mass on her side they believed to be cancerous although she had not seen a vet in over 10 years.

Her mass was removed and she remained with us as a hospice foster for two months and truly enjoyed life here at the rescue ranch. Unfortunately, her arthritis in her back end caused her bones to become very brittle and she ended up breaking her leg just through normal activity. We and our vet decided that the only humane option was euthanasia. However, we were glad to have rescued her from a life of living outdoors covered in fleas with inadequate care, and provide her love, comfort, and companionship in her final months.

Willow is about 3 months old and when we took her in, she had a compound fracture in her back leg that was so bad, her entire leg was twisted around facing

the opposite direction. Her leg was amputated and her recovery went very well! She quickly adapted to life on three legs, and was adopted shortly after becoming available.

Willa is only 14 weeks old and came to us with both her top and bottom jaws broken. Her top jaw healed well on its own, but her bottom jaw required additional time and care to allow the pieces to heal back together. Unfortunately she came in with an upper-respiratory infection and eye infection as well so her surgery had to be postponed until those cleared up; however, she is now happy and healthy and ready for her forever home!

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