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Speaking of transformations....

utumn was found in a parking lot severely dehydrated and emaciated, crawling with fleas, and mostly unresponsive. She was about 7 weeks old when we picked her up and only weighed 10 ounces (about a third of what she should have weighed). With subcutaneous fluids, hand and syringe feedings, and a little TLC, Autumn now weighs about 32 ounces and continues to grow every day! She has an adopter lined up and will be going to her forever home next weekend.

Our cat bunkhouse got a much-needed renovation after a water leak caused significant damage in two of the walls.

Our cat bunkhouse renovations are finally complete and it was well worth the wait. Not only have we increased our capacity a bit and brightened the place up, but we have made it more healthy for cats and people alike. All that is left to do is to install our new light switch covers, hang some artwork, and we'll be all done...oh yes, and we also need to move the cats back in. Thank you to all who donated toward this project. We couldn't have done it without you.

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