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August 2020

Intake is up, adoptions are down, and cats aren't social distancing, so we're up to our ears in kittens.

Although kitten season in Texas sometimes feels like it runs year-round, this year we've really been hit by a huge influx of kittens at the rescue. We currently have 13 "bottle baby" infant kittens who need round-the-clock care as well as a momma cat and kittens in foster, and 8 older kittens and cats. If you'd like to help us get them adopted, please SHARE this email and also be sure you're a follower and share our Facebook Page posts!

You can see photos and get more information about ALL our available adoptable pets by going to Please share this link with friends as well!

We continue to retain kittens who are now growing up here in rescue due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Adoptions have been very slow in the past few months, but are now starting to pick up. Our partner organization Friendswood Animal Control has seen record low intake in the past few months for both dogs and cats, which gives us a great opportunity to show our animals there. This not only helps increase the chance of adoption for our pets who would otherwise only be seen by appointment, but also is beneficial for the facility. Although shelters love to be in the enviable position of having no pets (or very few) for adoption, it can cause the public to stop looking for pets at the facility because the word gets out that they don't have any pets!

Redd Dog is in foster with us at the rescue ranch. He'd been at Friendswood Animal Control since January without being shown to the public due to perceptions that he was aggressive. However, we've since discovered that although Redd is sometimes fearful of new people and situations, he's a very friendly, obedient, and smart dog who will make a wonderful pet for an individual or family with older children. Redd is also great with other dogs and does well with cats too. We're working with FAC to find the right home for Redd, but in the interim, he'll spend his time here at the rescue ranch instead of in a kennel.

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