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SOAR Helps Save Chihuahua "Drop Kicked" For Fun Abusers Face Charges Because We Took Action

Just a week ago, we were contacted by a pet owner who said her dog had "injured" her ribs while in the care of a "friend". After further investigation, it was determined that the dog was KICKED by the person who was supposed to be caring for the dog. He even bragged about "drop kicking" this tiny 10-pound-dog on social media.

The owner did not have transportation or money to take the animal to the vet, so we stepped in and helped out by arranging for a vet visit and x-rays. It turned out this poor dog had 8 broken ribs and other internal injuries, including blood in her lungs that reduced her lung capacity to 75%. SOAR also contacted animal control in the owner's town and the abusers have been identified and legal action against them has begun.

The dog is recuperating, but will need at least two follow up treatments with the vet before she is fully recovered. Thank you to Family Animal Hospital in Friendswood for providing the medical treatment for this baby!

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