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Medical Cases

Skye was found wandering down a county road in Manvel with multiple wounds to her face. We took her to the vet to get cleaned up where they discovered several buckshot fragments in her wounds. Someone shot this poor girl in the face. Luckily, other than a broken tooth she didn't have any major injuries, and with a little TLC she is well on her way to being fully healed. The best news? Skye has been adopted by her foster!

Snapdragon aka Snappy had been with us since he was just 2 weeks old. He had a rough time as a young kitten overcoming an upper respiratory infection and ringworm, but then he developed an uncommon bacterial infection in his gums. We tried several rounds of antibiotics, but nothing worked so the only option left for Snappy to live a life without pain was to have almost all of his teeth pulled. Thankfully, with your help, we were able to get Snappy the surgery he needed and he's now fully recovered in his very own forever home!

Rosie had entropion, a condition in which the eyelid rolls inward, causing the eyelashes and surrounding hair to rub against the dog's sensitive cornea. Now that Rosie's entropion has been corrected and she's been spayed, she is available for adoption! If you or someone you know are interested in this sweet girl, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at

Louisa was found on the side of the road, cold, underweight, and barely moving with blood coming out of one of her eyes. A good samaritan picked her up and brought her to us. X-rays showed a bullet lodged between her shoulders very close to her spine. Yes, another innocent animal shot by a human. The bullet entered Louisa's eye and ruptured her eardrum causing loss of balance. Although the eye cannot be saved, she's doing well in foster. Her surgery is scheduled for March 10th.

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