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COMING SOON!!SHELTER ME: The Starlight Outreach and Rescue Capital Campaign

It has become increasingly obvious that we've outgrown our capacity here at the rescue ranch since moving in mid-March 2018. We currently have cats in what used to be our office and have also converted our garage to a pet facility to make room for more pets.

Our plan is to build an approximately 2300 sf building that will contain a cat room, education/dog training room, and dog room as well as a multi-purpose room for bathing and food prep as well as storage. We currently have just under $10,000 saved for this venture but will need to raise $140,000 more to build the facility. (Note: building photo is just a visual representation - not the actual building)

Please stay tuned for more information about this fundraising effort. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of the building construction either with in-kind donations of materials or goods, or you'd like to learn more about having a room or area named for a family member or beloved pet, please contact us. Again, more information will be coming soon! (Actual current draft of the interior layout)

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