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A note from our President Amy Castro

Hello Friends and Supporters,

In 2019, we cared for 158 animals at Starlight Outreach and Rescue. This year we're on track to help many more. To date, we've rescued 126 animals and there's still 4.5 months left in the year. I wanted to share just a few of their stories so you'll know more about the animals you've helped save.

Buddy was pulled from an animal control facility that likely would have euthanized him because he was fearful and could be snappy when scared. After working with him for several months, we found just the right adopter for him and he's happily living in Austin. Titus was brought to our attention by a citizen who found him with a badly wounded leg that had been "degloved" and left without any skin. We cared for Titus for several months and he spent weeks in the veterinary hospital receiving care for his wounds. When he finally recovered, he was adopted by a sweet lady who was willing to work with his shyness (he'd been through a lot and was very wary of new situations) and now he's a beloved family member!

Baby Dahliawas the runt of her litter and was either born with a deformed leg or lost it shortly after birth. She's a feisty girl who was still trying to get around on the end of her "nub" which was not only awkward, but painful as well. The wound at the end of her nub would not heal and was a constant open wound at risk for infection. We took Dahlia and her 8 siblings in and took her to the vet for evaluation. It was decided the best action would be to amputate her leg. Once Dahlia was healed, she was quickly adopted by someone who adopted a deaf kitten from us previously. They were willing to take on another special needs pet and Dahlia is now living a wonderful life with her adopted brother.

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